Along the route des pêches, daily life will never be the same again.

From the top of its single floor, with elegant lines, a refined style and a modern facade stands a villa like no other: the Villa LCT, a Californian-style house but in reality purely Beninese.

This unique project that will shake up and redefine the architectural and urban landscape of the entire Togbin area is simply the extension and materialization of the personality, preferences and habits of the client.

The LCT villa is the work of GOD and the story of a race against time to allow the Client to quickly and comfortably live in a space that meets her expectations and symbolizes the vision of her living space.

The LCT villa is an open, airy and flexible plan that unites the interior and exterior through large bay windows that also promote ventilation, optimize light and allow views.

The LCT villa is a constant dialogue between the sea, nature and the building itself.

The Villa LCT is the result of a long and close collaboration between a flexible and attentive project manager and an understanding and open-minded project owner.

In Villa LCT, architecture is celebrated through innovation, attention to detail in the needs and use of spaces and comfort in the architectural experience.

We are honored to have been associated with this project.

Ground Level +1 Villa with outbuilding
Habib MEME, Architecte; Orou Ningbin, Architecte collaborateur; Etienne MEVO, Technicien Bâtiment
Togbin, Bénin
Cabinet Architecture du Soleil
Harith Orou-Guidou