Located in La Censad, the life and organization of Villa IFA is centered around the pool, which plays an important regulating role.   

Villa IFA is presented from the back through its main exterior facade with a solid and closed tectonics, and opens from the front with a transparent and open facade on the pool.   

A permanent and constant dialogue between the interior and exterior spaces is established. The pool is now part of the interior spaces through large, delicately positioned glass windows. Visual connections at all levels and corners of the Villa IFA are possible.   

In Villa IFA, architecture is celebrated through attention to detail in the use of space and comfort in the architectural experience.   

Villa IFA is a custom home that meets the expectations of a discerning client with a clear vision for her living space.   

We are honored to have been associated with this project

Habib MEME


Ground Level + 2


Censad, Sèmèpodji

Project manager


Main contractor

Cabinet Architecture du Soleil


Dean Swanzy

Project manager

Cabinet Architecture du Soleil


Habib MEME
Architecte principal: Orou Ningbin
Architecte collaborateur; Etienne MEVO
Technicien Bâtiment ​